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Shelf Companies Singapore Overview & Aged Shelf Company Vs New Company Registration in Singapore...
Posted on 2013-09-14 by Nalini
Shelf Companies in singapore are easy to get. Shelf companies are like ready made product and can be bought by anyone. Singapore shelf ompanies are normally dormant entity kept with company secretary. For A No Obligation - Free Quote - Just Call or SMS for the Free Consultation - Ms.Nalini +65-90097101. The only advantage for the shelf company in singapore is its ready made and its always an old business registration date and normaly with zero liability. The foreigner who is looking for an old dated company would pay the price for the singapore shelf company that he can own up without any hassel of going throgh new company registration process. Some shelf companies even come with ready bank account.
However if you do not have issue with new company registration than its one day job. 

Foreign Company Registration in Singapore:

Foreign companies wishing to setup a presence in Singapore, have the choice of setting up a branch office, subsidiary, or a representative office, usually prefers to setup as a PTE LTD business entity which means private limited.
(This has limited liability to the shareholders and directors).

Subsidiary Company:- A subsidiary company is a private limited company incorporated in Singapore with the parent company as its shareholder. For small to mid-size foreign businesses, a subsidiary company is the most preferred choice of registration in Singapore.

Branch Office:- A branch office is registered in Singapore as an extension of its parent company and not as a separately incorporated entity. The liabilities of a branch office extend to its parent company.

Representative Office:- A representative office is registered in Singapore as a temporary arrangement for conducting marketing research activities. A representative office does not have any legal status and cannot be engaged in any profit yielding activities.

Sole Proprietorship Company type Singapore Company Registration:
A sole proprietorship is the simplest but the riskiest type of business form in Singapore.
From a legal perspective, sole proprietorship is not a separately incorporated entity and therefore the owner and the business are one and the same.
The owner personally owns all assets and liabilities of the business. There is no protection of personal assets from business risks and liabilities.
As the sole proprietor of a business, you have unlimited liability, meaning that if your business can't pay all its liabilities, the creditors to whom your business owes money can come after your personal assets.
Many entrepreneurs are usually unaware of this enormous financial risk. If the business is sued or can't pay its bills, the owner is personally responsible for the business's liabilities.
We consider this a serious drawback and hence do not recommend sole proprietorship to inspiring entrepreneurs.

Partnership type Singapore Company Registration:
Partnership type of business structure attempts to address the limited-expansion constraint faced by a sole proprietorship by allowing two or more people to establish and co-own a business.
A partnership firm has no legal existance separate from it's partners. It comes to an end with death, insolvency, incapacity or the retirement of a partner.
Further, any unsatisfied or discontent partner can also give notice at any time for the dissolution of the partnership.
A partnership type of business structure may make sense only in very limited number of situations.
We generally don't recommend this type of business structure to business owners.

General Partnership
Limited Partnership
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) (This is also one popular with local Singapore Residents but not advisable to Foreigner)
That means only Singapore Citizen prefers LLP type Singapore Company Registration.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) type Singapore Company Registration:
A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a company limited by shares i.e. its liabilities are limited to the amount of share capital.
LLC is a business entity registered under the Singapore Companies Act and a separate legal entity from its members.
In a LLC, the liabilities of the owners are limited to the assets in the company and their personal assets are protected from business liabilities.

A Singapore LLC can be of the following types:
Private Limited Company
Public Limited Company
Public Company Limited by Guarantee

For Singapore Company Registration requirements, please click here
For Singapore Company Registration Cost, please click here

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